Garage floor epoxy

Keeping a Garage Floor Clean

The garage is the place where messes are made, it’s the place where people are told to make their repairs, park their vehicles, and store all their stuff. Which is good, but it also allows for people to treat the garage as a storage space rather than a working space. By the time the overstuffed garage gets cleaned up, it can be a little alarming to see all the gunk and stains that have accumulated.

Even if you have the greatest Garage floor epoxy in the world, it’s still going to need to be cleaned. Keeping a garage floor clean might take a little elbow grease, but with an epoxy, you can do a lot less cleaning to get the same result.

Garage floor epoxy

How to clean an epoxy protected floor

Since epoxy acts as a shield for your garage floor, you’ll be able to wipe up most spills or stains before they set into the floor. All an epoxy floor needs is to be dust mopped every single week, so just run a mop over your cleared garage floor, and then that’s that.

The floor does need to be washed every four months or so, and mopped with a mixture of water and ammonia. Then you can wipe the floor clean or air dry it. Hosing down the floor also works to target stains specifically, as does scrubbing them with a sponge.

Being thorough and careful

While floors that are protected by an epoxy are easier to handle, they still need to be cleaned carefully and kept up. So don’t skimp on the monthly and weekly cleanings, and always be sure to clean up spills immediately. If you do that, your floor will be kept clean and neat, at least until you start your next messy project!

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